What is the normal turnaround time for a service?

On average, our services can take roughly 3-4 weeks to complete after we receive your leather item.
Simple repairs and Deep Cleaning may only take a week or two.

Can I drop my bag off at the workshop personally?

We apologise for any inconvenience but we do not allow drop-offs at our workshop due to security reasons. The safety of our client’s items is our highest priority.

Do you accept work outside of Lagos, Nigeria?

Please contact us via email and we can find a way for your leather
item to get to our workshop directly.

What happens if you find out my bag is inauthentic ?

We do not work on counterfeit items due to the fact we cannot be sure of the leather used. If for any reason we receive your item and realise it is inauthentic, we will send your item back to you and will only charge you a fee to return the item.

What does your deep cleaning service include?

Our Deep Cleaning Service includes sanitising and deodorising your leather handbag, conditioning and protecting your leather to prevent it from peeling and polishing your metal hardware.

Are your products safe?

Yes. All the products we use for your leather goods are 100% safe for your leather items.

Can you reshape handbags?

Yes, we can reshape certain handbags. However we will need to do a physical inspection before we can confirm this will be possible for your handbag.

Can you clean my furniture?

Yes, we can clean furnitures for corporate businesses.

Can you fix my shoes?

Yes, we can perform certain work on shoes such as cleaning and minor repairs.

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